Thursday, January 22, 2009

WFMU 'Beware of the Blog' Artwork Gallery

Gratuitous bird illustration from the March 7th, 2009 BIRD PARTY posting.
BIRD PARTY - logo for March 7th post- Field recording of bird migration. Pictured: a common grackle.
Another customized portrait: Walter Brennan, for the Feb. 21st posting. Patriotic!
I gave him some nice DUNE-style blue eyes. He's a spice addict!

February 21st illustration/ from the picture of Walter on the back cover
of "The President" Everest lp.

A customized shot of Vinnie P, for my 2/14/09 post (which is a mistake- I don't HAVE a booking for the 14th, yet---It may be put up anyway).
Lp cover art for the 2/14/09 post. My only (formerly) sealed Vincent Price record. Lovely.
Vinnie P image, customized by me, made for a St.Valentine's Day post.
E & B Tracklist, Jan. '09.
'HEY KIDS!' logo, Jan. '09, designed for a 'first post' that wasn't built.


This 'blog' page is a repository for higher-quality versions of art that I wish to link to my posts on BOTB, as they only allow art which is 250 pixels wide (about half a postage stamp); and so I'm going to store art here and link it to the ongoing blog over there. Therefore this blog page'll be a bit dull compared to my usual- it's a
utility page.
My MAIN Blogspot page is

BOTB announcement, Jan. 2009. First BOTB posting: 1/24/09
Custom artwork for first B.O.T.B. posting, January 2009

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