Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

James Mason reading Poe on lp

A CD-cover-ready version of the lp cover. Obviously an old radio station copy, with the ubiquitous colored-tape-coding that they so often used. Alas, no credit for the projects producer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here's How To Mix Them / revised cover art

The original 10" ep has no tracklist or cuts, and was broken down thusly for my CD re-edition. I like the final result.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

April 4th Post: "Valerie X" Cassette / A Classic K7

An old favorite. Much sampled. Perhaps now that she goes online it will be 'sampled' onward into the future. One of my very favorite cassettes ever. A performance that I strove to preserve for posterity.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Agatha" by the African Brothers International

the full untreated cover. From a 12cm wide color copy- so the detail isn't too hot.Thank goodness Jonathan bothered to make me a color shot of the cover at all!
the painstakingly-recreated back cover. Thanks to Jonathan Hess for the loan of the original lp, way back when...The lp still rocks.
the African Brothers International Band in 1980
"borrowed" (and lightened) from Nana Ampadu's website

Thursday, January 22, 2009

WFMU 'Beware of the Blog' Artwork Gallery

Gratuitous bird illustration from the March 7th, 2009 BIRD PARTY posting.
BIRD PARTY - logo for March 7th post- Field recording of bird migration. Pictured: a common grackle.
Another customized portrait: Walter Brennan, for the Feb. 21st posting. Patriotic!
I gave him some nice DUNE-style blue eyes. He's a spice addict!

February 21st illustration/ from the picture of Walter on the back cover
of "The President" Everest lp.

A customized shot of Vinnie P, for my 2/14/09 post (which is a mistake- I don't HAVE a booking for the 14th, yet---It may be put up anyway).
Lp cover art for the 2/14/09 post. My only (formerly) sealed Vincent Price record. Lovely.
Vinnie P image, customized by me, made for a St.Valentine's Day post.
E & B Tracklist, Jan. '09.
'HEY KIDS!' logo, Jan. '09, designed for a 'first post' that wasn't built.


This 'blog' page is a repository for higher-quality versions of art that I wish to link to my posts on BOTB, as they only allow art which is 250 pixels wide (about half a postage stamp); and so I'm going to store art here and link it to the ongoing blog over there. Therefore this blog page'll be a bit dull compared to my usual- it's a
utility page.
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BOTB announcement, Jan. 2009. First BOTB posting: 1/24/09
Custom artwork for first B.O.T.B. posting, January 2009